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  1. The politics of soviet war literature -- The utility of Soviet war literature -- Stalin's fate under Khrushchev and after -- Stalin as war leader -- The purge -- The new elite -- The deadly friends -- The Finnish lesson -- The last war games -- Russia prepares for war -- The disaster -- June 22, in Moscow and Berlin -- June 22, on the.
  2. May 07,  · World War II Lost History: Did FDR Know About Stalin's Bloody Crime At Katyn? Roosevelt and high-ranking members of his administration suppressed information regarding the Katyn Forest Massacre.
  3. On 6 November , Stalin rallied his generals in a speech given underground in Moscow, telling them that the German blitzkrieg would fail because of weaknesses in the German rear in Nazi-occupied Europe and the underestimation of the strength of the Red Army, and that the German war effort would crumble against the Anglo-American-Soviet "war engine".
  4. Seventy years ago began the Korean war. The last successful war of Stalin. It was just and positive for the Russian war. In her Russian inflicted a serious defeat on America in the air war and buried the hopes of the military-political leadership of the USA in a good airy and a nuclear war against Russia.
  5. Role in World War II. During World War II Stalin emerged, after an unpromising start, as the most successful of the supreme leaders thrown up by the belligerent nations. In August , after first attempting to form an anti-Hitler alliance with the Western powers, he concluded a pact with Hitler, which encouraged the German dictator to attack Poland and begin World War II.
  6. Dwight D. Eisenhower (), a Republican, was the popular 34th President of the United States, serving two terms from to Prior to his presidency, Eisenhower was a lifelong military man, commanding the D-Day invasion while serving as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during World War II. As a presidential candidate in , Eisenhower promised to institute a more forceful.
  7. Stalin’s first goal was to control Poland as a buffer zone to protect the Soviet Union against the threat of any post-war German revival. In July , the Red Army crossed the River Bug and entered territory which Moscow was prepared to recognize as part of a future Polish state.
  8. Stalin had it in his power to stop the drift toward Cold War then and there. Contrary to what some historians have suggested, he had choices. All he had to do was be prepared to say how the money.

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