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  1. Life span definition is - the average length of life of a kind of organism or of a material object especially in a particular environment or under specified circumstances. How to use life span in a sentence.
  2. lifespan definition: 1. the length of time for which a person, animal, or thing exists: 2. the length of time for which. Learn more.
  3. Lifespan. Lifespan is defined as the maximum number of years that a human can live, while life expectancy is the average total number of years that a human achieves [5].
  4. Life span, the period of time between the birth and death of an organism. The maximum life span is a theoretical number whose exact value cannot be determined from existing knowledge about an organism; it is often given as a rough estimate based on the longest-lived organism of its species known to date.
  5. Define lifespan. lifespan synonyms, lifespan pronunciation, lifespan translation, English dictionary definition of lifespan. also life span n. 1. A lifetime. 2. The average or maximum length of time an organism, material, or object can be expected to survive or last.
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  7. Each Lifespan therapist receives extensive preparation in home care services, Medicare requirements, advanced therapy techniques, and hands-on training with the latest technology. We are committed to providing premium physical, occupational, and speech therapy services for health care agencies because when it comes to health, healing—and hope.
  8. Lifespan’s newest medical facility – the Lifespan Ambulatory Care Clinic at Corliss St. – is open to the public for services including The Men’s Health Center,, and a Lifespan Pharmacy. Lifespan’s Men’s Health Center is a first-of-its-kind specialty center dedicated to men’s sexual.
  9. Almost done reading "Lifespan: Why we age and why we don't have to" by David Sinclair and I am pleased with what I read. This might contain spoilers. At first glance one would look at the book cover and say it is a tall order/5.

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